Friday, April 11, 2014

Top 5 drinks to boost your energy while traveling

Forget about hang over and tiresome travel adventures.
Always keep this drinks in mind and some must be kept in handy, anytime, anywhere!

Here is the list of must-have drinks when you travel:

5. Coffee

You can always start, end and break the day with COFFEE.
Some places has their own signature coffee, too. So, it is a must-try treat for yourself.

4. Green tea

It was found out that this drink does not only gives you more energy but it also improves your memory and comprehension. Never get lost again! Visit this link for more information about the recent study on the effects of green tea.

3. Monster!!!

Just one of my favorite drinks. Actually, you can substitute any energy drink that you want. This portion wants you to know that you should always keep an energy drink in your bag when you travel. In case, just in case.

2. Buko Juice

This is the ever-delicious, ever-nutritious drink that you shouldn't miss in your adventures!
Try to find this treasure on your next trip.


Keeping a bottle of water in your hand while on a trip is the most essential thing to do.
Never leave your best friend! She will never let you down.
Thirst, injury, dirt, whatever... you can always trust her.

Happy trip! 
Explore while you're young.
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