Sunday, June 8, 2014

5 Basic Essential Guides to Save While You Enjoy Travelling

Just before you make up your mind to travel anywhere, things that unnerve you include the location and the budget you have to arrange. In general, travel costs go upward, but you can hardly stay relaxed without having to plan your travel with the available budget. Will you just travel? Then, you are likely to run short of money. On the contrary, will you just save money? Then, chances are that you will be disappointed after returning from vacations. So, you need to know which suggestions can make your travel enjoyable while cost-effective.

Below are five cost-cutting tips that which are proven to help one’s travel dollars move farther:

Accommodation: A home/condo or a hotel room?

If you have got a family to accompany you, renting a condo or home and never a hotel room can be the finest cost-cutting measure you can take when planning a travel. It is often easy for travelers to rent a condo or home while staying focused on their budget. In addition to the elimination of the actual cost of lodging, you can easily save money if you can prepare some meals on your own as this small effort will help you amazingly cut back on the expenses of restaurant meals.

What and how should you eat?

We know food is one of the most fundamental needs, and the necessity is even more influential when we travel. Still, you have a number of budget shortcuts without having to feel deprived of your culinary imagination. So, just go through.

·         Stay at a place that offers breakfast for free.

·      If you are to drive a car, you can pack snacks, drinks and a cooler. Do not forget to have sandwiches for lunch since they can be healthful enough to give your kids (if any) an opportunity to avoid losing their pent up vigor.

·       You should split meals because your children are likely to get overexcited or tired not to eat much food at a time. Kid friendly restaurants are often willing to serve special requests made for extra plates.

·       Try to eat lunch with your family while staying in the room. In addition, you are less likely to like the dean and bustles of a common tourist destination. To address your taste for food, you can try a sandwich with peanut butter, fresh fruit and chips. Just wait to see how tasty and wonderful it feels away from your sweet home.

·         Avoid the mini bar in the hotel room.

·         Use refillable water bottles as those things will save on your costs of drinking water.

How to approach rental cars?

It is a must that you look for car rentals since the travelled destination can be far away from your home, you do not feel comfortable to take your personal car there. Instead of renting airport cars, you should go and try to rent a taxi cab off the airport area since airport car rentals come with taxes and surcharges which may double your expense on car rentals.

You should be on the lookout of the weekly car rental rates. It is easy to save anywhere between 25% and 30% if you know the rates for each day.

While a free upgrade coupon might be something good, but you need to cautious since these models that are larger often get less than decent gas mileage which will eventually take you heavy toll on your pocket. For further advantages, you should also check your insurance coverage before traveling since many policies offer rental-car coverage.

Be an opportunist in case of any coupons:

Coupons are said to have been the means to save money on costs of food, lodging, or attractions. You should look for them everywhere... at motels, convenience stores, in local dailies, online etc. before you have one, you should carefully go through the fine print to know about the applicable terms.

Should you spend your day staying away from the funs and attractions?

Of course not! You have travelled miles to enjoy the vacation. So, do not deprive yourself of the amusements. However, you should be thoughtful. You know you are spending money for the hotel’s swimming pool. Just use it. Spend your day at a nearby museum or a beach. Disney or other major attractions usually have shopping areas close to them. So, you can enjoy the day with your children while providing them with an inexpensive day full of fun and activities.

So, after all these, what do you think? Do you think you are just missing something and only saving money? No, you are getting the both out of your travel but in an affordable manner.

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