Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Fund raising activities

Are you raising fund but your mind can't give you enough ideas?
Check out some of my just-discovered fun activities that can help you raise funds and save.
Some activities can be used as personal earning machine and some are great as group or organizational fund raising events.

Fund raising
credits to Central Republican Women

1. Bet and guess - Fill a jar with jellybeans, chocoballs, peanuts, M&M's or whatever you like and have people pay to guess how many there are in the jar...

2. Human auction - Got a "campus crush" orgmate? Hmmm. You can ask him to be auctioned. The highest bidder can get to have a lunch with him/her.

3. Sell cute candies, cards, fortune cookies, etc.- Deal with businesses or traders that can provide merchandise you can sell. You can do concession. Be sure at least half of the money raised goes to your cause.

4.  Battle of the Bands - Invite bands to perform. Book a venue and advertise with posters, flyers, and radio announcements. Hold a mini concert in which the audience chooses the winning band. Charge an entrance fee.

5. Fasting for a cause - Organize and invite people to join you fast for 12 hours or more. Each participant pays a certain amount as a deal bet/pledge.

6. Balloon Pop - Before filling a balloon with air or helium, put a note inside. Have a certain number of the notes worth a prize. Have people buy balloons and pop them in the hope of getting the prize.

7. Hug-for-sale - Advertise a hug for a dollar. Have people buy a hug for a friend. After a member of your group gives the hug to the designated person, give them a small card with a message from the person who sent the hug.

8. Monopoly/Chess Match - Have a group of students play a Monopoly/Chess tournament. Ask each team/player to give pledge.

9. Movie day - Sell movie tickets. Match it by selling Snackers' Nachos and Puffs. 

10. Eating Contest - Have a pie eating, hot-dog eating, or ice cream-eating contest. You can charge people to participate, bet or to watch, or you can make all participants obtain pledges.

11. Calendar/Organizer Sale - Create a calendar highlighting the projects and members of your organization, and sell it to students and their family members.

12. Kilometers of Coins - Gather donations of coins (pennies, dimes, or quarters) and lay them side-by-side until they stretch out to be a kilometer long. Alternatively, surround your gym, library, or parking lot with the coins.

13. Fake tattoo - Find out if any members of your group know how to apply henna (Indian hand art), which can be applied to people in your school for a fee.

14. Lemonade Stand - Make lemonade, post signs, and sell it. Add some cookies or whatever.

15. Cake-to-order - Look for a cake designer and ask to make you your logo cake or any trending unique design cakes. Auction off cakes.

16. Choose the Torture – Create a list of fun "torture" like crazy nail polish, eccentric hair dye, etc. Have donors pay a certain amount per “torture” request to inflict on someone who is willing to take it. You can also give a portion of the fee to the "torture victim".

17. Sell ballers - personalize a baller design that is related to your cause.

18. Bail Me Out – Handcuff two willing fundraisers and let them lose when they raise “bail”.

19. Make the Grade – Have students get pledges for “A’s” and “B’s” at the beginning of a quarter and collect the donations after report card time.

20. Reverse Raffle – All potential sponsors get a raffle ticket and sell it back for a certain amount to avoid getting their name drawn to do something embarrassing.

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